April 30, 2016 Repositioning

I guess I'm not sure why I didn't snap at least a couple pictures. It was a rather fun, leisurely day as we repositioned for the Day 2 chase.  After running an errand at WalMart in the morning (headlight bulb for our van and inverter for Bill's van), we drove through DFW airport to drop off a guest who had to leave the tour a couple days early.  From there, we headed west-southwest on I-20 and stopped at a Dairy Queen next to a Love's truck stop outside of Ranger, TX.

We continued southwestward through Cross Plains, Ballinger, and San Angelo before settling into Sonora, TX for the night.  We stopped at an interesting (small) WalMart in Ballinger for some items.  We also took a slow route through San Angelo so we could see the city, its people, and places to hang out, but we didn't stop there.  Near Eldorado, we passed an early warning phased array radar station that had been built during the waning days of the cold war, but as after the Soviet Union dissolved, it was decommissioned.

In Sonora, we saw a number of white-winged doves, which was a first for me (or at least the first I noticed).  The Sutton County Steakhouse that was next to our Days Inn was closed so that they could cater a wedding, so we at at the La Mexicana restaurant, which was authentically Mexican.  I finished the day doing a load of laundry.

Route for the day.

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