Cleveland County, OK Storm

July 2, 2004

A storm initiates at the end of the work day, just southeast of Norman (looking southeast). A storm split is in progress.

A little later, I stopped by this road with an interesting name. The now fully split storms were becoming more distant from each other.

The left-mover moves more to the east-northeast and weakens.

With the left mover gone, I focused on the right mover farther south. It was moving southeastward, away from me, in unfavorable terrain. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the view.

Unfortunately, my 50mm lens fell victim to my absent-mindedness. Fortunately, the storm was at a good distance to be well-framed with the 28mm lens.

I found an infrequently traveled rural road to cross the Canadian River. I was able to get out and snap this shot.

Near sunset, the storm updraft became a bit narrower, but visually more intense.

The mammatus display was an abnormally good one.

This is the last place I stopped to take a few more pictures as the last of the sun's direct rays hit the backside of the updraft. The storm dissipated soon after this shot was taken.

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