June 29, 2012 Bowman, North Dakota Thunderstorm

We continued for the second day in a row of chasing a target with only marginal prospects for storm initiation. On our way to the northern target, doubting prospects for storms, we stopped at the badlands to take a group photo. I considered the idea of taking us through the badlands instead of drivng another 200 miles to see nothing, but it was 100 degrees outside, so it was too hot for hiking around, and at this point in the drought-filled tour, the group was willing to drive even for a marginal risk of storms. This time, we did get a thunderstorm for a little while, but it was after sunset, so the contrast and color weren't great, and it dissipated upon our arrival. It was still nice to see a storm for a bit.

Group Photo
Here is our group from Tour 9.
Bowman Storm
An LP storm slowly dissipating near Bowman, North Dakota.

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