June 22, 2014

Bird City, KS Left-Moving Storm

We intercepted the left-moving split of a storm that developed south of Bird City, Kansas. we approached from the west, looked at the slightly healthier left-mover storm of the pair, and then decided that we'd rather look at the right-mover (southern storm of the pair). As soon as we did that, driving slowly over newly wet gravel/clay roads, it died, so we drove northwest to look at some other storms before settling in at Yuma, CO.

Bird City Storm
Approaching the storm from the west of Bird City, KS. A storm split is in progress.
Bird City Storm
The left split (left-mover) is closer and on the left. The flanged updraft base of the right-mover is farther away and on the right.
Bird City Storm
Updraft base of the left-mover.

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