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About Me

I am a meteorologist working in the wind energy industry (see my c.v. here), and I've been spending most of my work time lately examining the interaction between the atmosphere and operating wind farms. A lot of my hobbies also have to do with the atmosphere, and I've put this web site together for that reason. One of those hobbies is storm chasing, which I have done for about 20 years. I'm not one of those full-time, adrenaline-seeking, get as close to the tornado as possible type chasers. I'm pretty casual about it, and I enjoy the photography of storms more than anything else. I've also been interested in learning about storms and meteorological dynamics, which brought me to the University of Oklahoma from 2000 to 2004 to get my Ph.D.

In 2005, I took up residence in northern Minnesota, which is a bit farther from tornado alley and closer to the auroral oval, so I've become fascinated by space weather. I've thus dedicated a separate section of my web page to aurora chasing. I also like to photograph other wildlife and scenery in northern Minnesota, so I'll be putting up a general photography section soon, too.

Aurora Bob