Childress, TX storm

May 3, 2003

The beginning of a very frustrating week. Logistical coordination was tough today, with useless predeployment to Dodge City, KS. We arrived there late at night and didn't leave until late morning to bust south. I did not think we would see a storm. Fortunately, we did see one, but there was a somewhat meatier storm to our south, which threw a very healthy left-moving supercell right at our storm and killed it. Strangely, the same process happened the next day (May 4), but the storm recovered and went on to produce a violent tornado.

Our target storm. I initially mis-identified it as a left-mover, but it was not.

Here's the left-mover that interfered with our storm.

Once we came south on our target, we could see by the orientation of the base that it was not a left-mover.

Our storm had a nice, healthy updraft.

The base looked interesting as well.

A long feature resembling an inflow band/beaver tail also extended eastward from the base. After this point, the storm went rapidly downhill.

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