Bassett, Nebraska Supercell - June 5, 1999

Shaun Kelly and I chased in north central Nebraska on this high risk day.   At first, we ran around quite a bit trying to chase storms developing into northeastern Nebraska racing northeast at 50 mph.  These developed very early-- around noon.  Finally, we gave up, forced ourselves to calm down and sit just west of O'Neill, Nebraska and just wait to see what came from the southwest.  We were rewarded with the supercell du jour.

bassetm2.jpg (18191 bytes)

Supercell approaches from the southwest.  The chase is on.


bassetm1.jpg (17656 bytes)
A little closer in.  The excitement is building.   The supercell structure is obvious, with a main updraft and flanking line visible.


BENNET1.JPG (26673 bytes)
Shortly after we arrive, the storm produces a tornado just southwest of the town of Bassett.


basset00.jpg (20858 bytes)
Tornado ropes out shortly thereafter with debris cloud.


basset02.jpg (19503 bytes)
Second tornado, farther east, looking north.


basset03.jpg (19479 bytes)
Zoomed in a little closer


basset04.jpg (20391 bytes)
Tornado is moving rapidly northeast and soon gets wrapped in debris cloud and scud.


basset05.jpg (18287 bytes)

Road options and approaching core force us away from the storm, but it's starting to lose its strength by now anyway.

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