Washington, KS Tornado

April 29, 2010

We targeted north-central Kansas today, and it paid off in the form of supercells and a brief, weak tornado (pictures will be uploaded when I can get some still captures from the video). The moisture return was a little weak, but the dynamics and kinematics were in place for some severe storms, and given the degree of shear, I was anticipating that there could be a couple weaker tornadoes with the storms. We were lucky to be within a mile of the area when/when the tornado developed.

20100429 063.JPG
This area of cumulus congestus developed into our first storms of the day.

20100429 065.JPG
Green wheat field in front of developing storms.

20100429 068.JPG
Abandoned farmstead in front of first severe-warned storm.

20100429 069.JPG
Full view of the updraft base of severe-warned storm near.

20100429 072.JPG
Anvil and Tempest Tours Tour #2 guests underneath.

20100429 074.JPG
Left-mover from the split of our second (tornadic) storm of the day.

20100429 079.JPG
Right-moving part whose updraft base was visible in the distance (lower left).

20100429 080.JPG
Mostly flat updraft base with a non-rotating wall cloud.

Weak tornado with debris cloud (see arrow).

Debris cloud grows a bit.

Still a healthy debris cloud.

Debris cloud becomes a little more diffuse.

Circulation weakens to "rapidly rotating wall cloud".

20100429 087.JPG
Third storm of the day is tornado-warned. Looking west from near Steele City, Nebraska.

20100429 088.JPG
Low-level mesocyclone on our storm.

20100429 089.JPG
Rain-filled rotation passes to our north near Steele City, Nebraska.

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