June 25, 2014

More Left-Moving Storms in Wyoming!

Our week of left-moving storms continued with our treck into Wyoming. We anticipated initiation off the higher terrain west of I-25 and left Scottsbluff in the late morning to intercept this activity. We arrived at Chugwater on our first storm, which we immediately saw was another left-mover. We stayed with it for a few minutes before opting for more isolated and hopefully right-moving storms farther north. We would pass at least a couple more left-movers on the way.

Chugwater Storm
Another left-moving storm near Chugwater, WY.

Our second target proved to be somewhat elusive. We identified a storm with its updraft on the right side when we were on U.S. 18/85 well north of Lusk, WY. Unfortunately, it would be quickly overtaken be a northward-moving line of storms that we had just passed on our journey north.

Lusk Storm
Looking south at oncoming storms north of Lusk, WY.

Finally, we saw what looked to be a wall cloud and weak mesocyclone on a cell a little farther north. We drove farther north on U.S. 85 to catch it before it moved east of the road. It provided some picturesque photography opporutnities, and if I recall correctly, it may even have been tornado-warned for a little bit, but it was embedded within what now was a line of storms and did not have a lot of its own energy to tap. We essentially drove past the storm, stopping once to photograph it, then proceeded north to Newcastle to spend the night.

U.S. 85 Storm
A shelf cloud moves from left to right on the south side of a storm with a weak mesocyclone south of Newcastle, WY.

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