Omaha, Nebraska Storms

April 23, 2010

There was a 10% tornado risk in southeastern Nebraska and a slightly higher risk in Arkansas. Being that we liked to SEE tornadoes, we headed toward the Nebraska target. The low that had produced the tornadoes the day before was entering somewhat of an occluded phase, so the forcing really looked to be weak. There were no sharp boundaries. Just as we were giving up, new storms developed, and we were treated to a little show at supper.

20100423 002.JPG
Storm goes up east of Lincoln, Nebraska.

20100423 005.JPG
Storm weakens and dissipates.

20100423 006.JPG
As we're looking for a hotel in Omaha, a new LP type storm develops to our southwest.

20100423 008.JPG
A skinny, rotating updraft.

20100423 009.JPG
Last view of our young cell before it passes to our north. Anvil to the left is from stronger storm near Lincoln that became tornado-warned and gave us a lightning show from our restaurant in Omaha.

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