Eastern Oklahoma Storms

May 10, 2003

When storms developed immediately northwest of my house in Norman, I decided to preceed them east into the jungles of eastern Oklahoma. The storms immediately north of me weakened considerably (after being severe-warned), and a line of stronger storms developed south of me, so southeast I went. It took a couple attempts to break south of this line, as I got cut off by light hail cores. The first produced 1.75-inch hail. This first storm was the beginnings of the tornado-warned supercell that moved into Macintosh County, OK. It produced a weak tornado. I could not stay with this storm because it was moving east at 50 mph. I dropped south of the line and set up just south of the Canadian river near Atwood. I let the warned line of storms pass by and called in a 1.25-inch hail report. Drove home. Visibility did not allow for any worthy video captures to post on this page.

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