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September 20, 2016 Auroras

Grand Rapids, MN

I tried the concept of "green" aurora chasing this week.  I know auroras are primarily green in color, but I wanted to say I could find a good viewing spot without relying on a car to get there.  It could be that I hit a deer the preceeding week with my car (it is still driveable).

When Bz dropped south, and I was able to see the auroras from my driveway, I took my bike to the nearest location I could find that did not have a lot of city lights.  This was within a mile of my house.  I set up at one spot in the woods for a bit and photographed the auroras silhouetted against the trees and then moved to a location on the Mississippi River to get a better view of the northern horizon.  The Mississippi is relatively wide at this point because of a dam downstream.

I shot for a while as a mild substorm occurred, and when things settled down and Bz went a little north, I biked back home.  This close proximity to home allowed me to have a decent night's sleep.

Nice Auroras
The auroral oval shortly near the end of twilight in the Forest History Center.
Nice Auroras
A mild substorm starts on the river.
Nice Auroras
The auroral oval from a dock.
Nice Auroras
Advancing on the dock a little bit.
Nice Auroras
Another brightening along the northern horizon.

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