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September 28, 2011 Auroras

Trout Lake, Bovey, MN

I joined a co-worker on Trout Lake for a nice evening show of auroras on the second night of a series of CME that was due to hit Earth from the very active sunspot group 1302. The auroras started pretty dimly just after sunset but then intensified about an hour or so later. This was a very persistent show that lasted essentially the whole night. The auroras would fade for a bit, and I would be about to pack up, but then the band would brighten again and exhibit more shapes. I think a shot time lapses until about 4:00 AM after having started sometime around 9:30.

Nice Auroras
Band rebrightening and reflecting in the water.
Nice Auroras
A bit dimmer but still a lot of structure.
Nice Auroras
A substorm.

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